How To Defend In FIFA 19

We are sorry to break it to you, but this year, you won’t be able to achieve much in FIFA if you don’t know how to defend well.

In every FIFA, defending is a tough challenge, especially more against skilled opponents. Moreover, the introduction of 50/50 battles are making it even more complex and tricky.

Fortunately, we have been practicing since day one for this moment. We have managed to gather the best defending tips for you to get an edge over your opponents.

Practice our defending tips below. They will surely get you through your Ultimate Team this year.

How To Defend In FIFA 19

FIFA 19 New Feature: 50/50 Battles

With the addition of the new 50/50 Battles, the game is now emphasizing more on your reactions and player attributes to determine the outcome for winning loose balls across the pitch.

The outcome of a 50/50 Battle in FIFA 19 depends on many factors: player attributes (Strength, mass, height, etc.), your action (stand tackle, slide tackle, pass) and in what position you are for the battle (angle, speed, the position of the body).

How To Defend in FIFA 19

Every defending practice we are introducing you to here is essential in FIFA 19. The next time you play, make sure to remember every single one to get the best out of the game!

  • Stand/Slide Tackles: Never spam tackles. The problem is, when you press it you are committed to the animation that comes with it for 2 to 3 seconds. A missed tackle and you will be left behind as the attacker sprint past you.
  • When you close space between you and the attacker, the stand tackles are the way to go. However, when the attacker is a bit far (not too far), you can perform a slightly risky but efficient slide tackle. Slide tackles are a little overpowered in FIFA 19, so use them.
  • Jockey: Press the jockey button while defending. This allows your defending to face his opponent and be ready for a tackle. It helps your defender perform a quick and precise tackle. In this stance, it is much easier to get step-by-step closer to the attacker and close down spaces. You can either perform a stand tackle or when you are close enough it is automatic. To do this, hold LT or L2.
  • Don’t sprint: Sprinting in defense is a bit useless in FIFA 19 unless it’s a counter attack or you are chasing a winger.
  • Using a second defender: EA made a very useful addition to the game, a transparent cursor on top of the second defender when you hold the second defender button (R1/RB). This allows you to know whether or not you should use the second defender.
  • Defensive Tactics: EA implemented this year the new dynamic tactics system. That allows you to customize your in-game tactics. Press the D-pad to switch to a more defensive tactic. It’s important to have a lot of teammates dropping back.

How to Defend through balls

Across most FIFA 19 modes, you will come against a lot of players who love to play the through balls. Learning how to defend against it is essential. The key to that is trying to intercept it instead of spamming tackles. As we mentioned earlier, it’s never a good idea to spam tackles. Try to detect the player running off the ball and position your defender between him and the player in possession.

Second man press

Along with this year’s additions, there is a new transparent cursor on nearest players. This enables you to know which player will help out when you are holding down R1/RB. Calling over the nearest player to help you defend, having two players pressuring the attacker is a lot better than one. The other defender will try to cut off passing angles, leaving you to perform the tackles.

Getting the best defenders

It goes without saying that you will need better defenders and therefore a lot of coins to get them. Defenders like Virgil van Dijk, Sergio Ramos, etc.

Having better stats will help you get the best of many attackers thanks to the 50/50 Battles system.

Play the defending game skills

All you need to do now is jump over the defending skill games and try the methods listed above. Practice them until you get an A in most, so you can confidently get your clean sheets online.